Month: April 2015

Whistleblower @xychelsea Chelsea Manning braucht unsere Hilfe ! Bitte spendet an

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C_Manning_Finish-smallChelsea Manning

Bitte spendet an den Chelsea Manning’s Verteidigungsfond, für Chelsea´s  Berufungsverfahren

Chelsea Manning’s appellate counsel: We’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest for justice

“Chelsea Manning: media and ‘celebrities’ pivotal to legal appeal/funds and pardon”

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Chelsea Manning Info at @disruptberlin “EYES FROM A DISTANCE” Event in Berlin @xychelsea

People did read her articles and wrote postcardes to @xychelsea Chelsea Manning at @disruptberlin “EYES FROM A DISTANCE” Event in Berlin. Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1 , Mariannenplatz 2 , Berlin 10997  


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Chelsea Manning Shares Her Transition to Living as a Woman — Behind Bars

For the first time, Chelsea Manning shares the details of her story as
an army private who leaked classified documents, went to military
prison, and sued for the right to transition into living as a woman in jail.

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