Month: June 2015

Interview with Nancy Hollander, the lawyer representing Chelsea Manning. People need to help keep this case alive.

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Remember Chelsea Manning – legal appeal latest news

Q: What can people do to support Chelsea?
Nancy Hollander: People need to help keep this case alive. It´s very important.
Follow her on twitter @xychelsea , talk about the case, make sure everybody remembers they can write to her.
They can support the case financially, they can do anything that anyone feels comfortable doing
The important thing is: That we remember that Chelsea is in prison
and that we remember that we overturn this huge 35 yrs that’s just an outrageous sentence
I just wont people to please remember Chelsea ! Don’t forget about her
we got a long way to go but we hope we will see her out of prison before to many more years.

In 2013 Manning was sentenced for 35 years for disclosing classified information to Wikileaks including footage of the killing of  civilians by a US Apache Helicopter. The Collateral Murder video can be seen here

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